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  • CDLK(F)

    Immersion type multistage centrifugal pump for conveying coolant, lubricating liquid

  • CHL, CHLF(T)

    Horizontal multistage stainless steel centrifugal pump

  • TD

    Inline pump for heating and air-condition

  • ZS

    Horizontal, single stage stainless steel pump

  • MS

    Single stage stainless steel pump for cooling water, domestic supply, agriculture

  • NISO

  • HP

    Multistage pump with high pressure for complete industry application

  • SZ

    Single stage fluorine plastic for chemical application

  • DQ

    Constant pressure booster pump system

  • IQ

    Variable speed booster pump system

  • YK

    Series water supply system

  • NSC

    Single stage double suction split casing centrifugal pump

  • H

    Right angle gear box

  • NFWG

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