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Multistage heavy duty axially split casing centrifugal pump

Oil fields and Terminals
Crude oil and oil product pipeline
Water pipelines
Fluid injection
High pressure services
Sea water RO system

Performance range:
Capacity:     Q up to 2000m3/h
Head:           H up to 1200m
Temperature:  T up to 200�
Speed         n 2900/1450

Standard material:
According to API 610 Eighth Edition, August, 1995

Horizontal axially split casing, double volute multistage design. Impellers arranged in opposed groups, MDS is a multistage single suction impeller pump for higher head, first stage double suction impeller design for low NPSH required.
Removable wear rings protect the casing and impeller. The impellers are statically and dynamically balanced. The pump comply with the API610 specification latest edition in all technical details.
Special antifriction bearings on both sided or sleeve bearings with ring or forced-feed lubrication (axial bearing as segmental thrust bearing).

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