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Mixed-Flow Pump
Irrigation and drainage;
Industrial and urban drainage;
Sewage transport;
Lake desilting and drainage;
Sand river water transportation;
Performance Range:
Capacity: up to 8000m3/h;
Head: up to 25m;
Temperature: up to 80℃;
Speed: 2200/1800/1600/1450/1180rpm;
HW pump is compact structure, convenient installation and maintenance; Upper casing equipped with seal ring fit with inlet surface of impeller, there\s suitable gap between axial and radical direction(usually is 0.3~0.6mm). axial gap can be adjusted through increasing or decreasing the gasket’s thickness, which will promise the volume efficiency of pump. Usually adopt packing seal for shaft end, also mechanic seal can be adapted with the clients require. Pump shaft is support by rolling bearing, the bearing can support axial force and weight of rotor. Lubrication greasy or oil used for the bearing of HW pump. HW pump is driven by connected horizontal motor of diesel engine, if need to change the speed, trough transmission with belt or horizontal gearbox
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