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Fire Fighting system
Fire Fighting Pump
Petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, military and naval institute, oil fields , pipelines bureau, oil repository, oil terminal, construction companies, oil refineries, offshore platform and others.
Fire-fighting engineering company, air ports, highway tunnel, five-stat hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, office buildings, national grain storage, thermal power plants, shipyards, paper mills, subway stations, railway stations, etc.
Steel plants, residential region, industrial and mining enterprises, house building materials supermarkets etc.
Single stage double suction split casing pump
Vertical turbine pump
Single stage end suction certification pump
Multistage horizontal centrifugal pump
Horizontal multistage split casing pump
Vertical stainless steel centrifugal pump
Vertical in-line circulation pump
According to the NFPA20(USA), EM12845(Europe), APSAD(France), APSAD(France), CNCAL(China).
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