NISO,NIS,NISF End Suction Centrifugal Pump



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Non-self-priming single-stage horizontal end-suction centrifugal pump.

Axial entrance and radial exit.

The use of back-pull structure, maintenance does not need to dismantle the pump body and pipeline


Stable operation and stable structure.

Convenient maintenance.

Low noise

Product structure

Non-self-priming, single stage, single suction, horizontal axial suction and radical discharge, pump body is fixed by base.

Standard wear-resistant mechanical seal.

TEFC motor, size complies to IEC standard.

NISO pump use bearing cradle,which can orientate bearing, prevent from radical vibration, improve the rigidity of rotary part.

NISO pump integral pump shaft, use deep grove grease lubricated bearing.

NISO pump use semi-flexible coupling to connect pump and motor.

NISO pump dimension conforms to ISO2858 standard.

NIS,NISF series pump are coupled with extension shaft structure.

Inlet and outlet flange and pump body of cast iron pump conform to standard of PN16 in GB/T17241.6 (ISO7005-2); Inlet and outlet flange and pump body of Stainless Steel pump conform to standard of PN16 in GB/T9113 (ISO7005-1).


  • Adopt Pull-back structure, avoid dismantling pump body and pipeline when repairing.

  • All NISO pump only use 4 types of pump shafts and bearing cover, making many parts exchangeable.

  • Designs of NIS,NISO,NISF series impellers are optimized, inlet is enlarged, no whirlpool, deduct water pump NPSH efficiently, which makes pump work stable with little noise. Performance curve is flat, flow range is wide, performance is similar with international pump industry peers.

  • NIS*G,NIS*(Q) series pump are designed according to newest standard in GB/T5662,whose performance curve are steeper than NIS,NISO,NISF series. Flow range conforms to requirements, use excellent hydraulic model and CFD optimition, high efficiency, reasonable head spread, compact structure, easy maintenance.

  • NIS,NISF pumps are small,compact and easy to install.

  • Main spare parts like impeller, pump body, pump head of NIS*G,NIS*(Q) series pump are cast iron. But can be customized according to customers’ requirement.






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Flow rate:3~1200m³/h




Material:Stainless steel/Cast iron

Max. Working pressure: 16 bar

Max. Inlet pressure: 6 bar

Max. Power: 200kW

Inlet and outlet diameter: Inlet diameter: DN50~DN300

                     Oulet diameter: DN32~DN250



Water treatment systems

HVAC systems

District heating

Industrial cooling systems

Firefighting systems

Other pressure boosting systems

CNP integrates the advanced R&D technologies from Europe and America, with the most advanced industrial design concept in Western Europe, with the production experience of modern industrial clusters in North America, with the most efficient and energy-saving product structure research in Hangzhou, China.

With the application of information technology, CNP has built its own smart factory, taking the lead in the introduction of SAP resource management system, becoming one of the key units of the key construction project of  "machine substitution" in Hangzhou, with the whole process of production information monitoring and tracking, applying laser welding technology to the manufacturing process of robot pump spare parts in depth, using progressive die technology to ensure the quality of the whole process of the parts, all of which greatly reduce the production and manufacturing cycle, provide an intelligent production and manufacturing basis for the pump production.

CNP was recognized as state-certified enterprise technology center in 2016. It is the highest evaluation level for technology center in China. Besides, CNP has been carrying some technical courses in 11/12/13th National Five-Year Plan.

CNP uses digital integrated intelligent control technology to create domestic advanced M2M mode, intelligent control technology.

It includes intelligent current stabilization system, intelligent vacuum suppression system, intelligent auxiliary control monitoring system, intelligent non-negative pressure full frequency control system and intelligent water hammer two-way elimination system.