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The suction inlet goes down vertically and the spit outlet extends horizontally. According to the form of foundation, the long shaft pump with double foundation structure can be produced; according to the axial thrust, there is not only the structure of the pump bearing the axial thrust, but also the structure of the motor bearing the axial thrust. According to the form of the rotor, the non-extractable structure of the rotor can also be produced at the same time. The impeller can be made into one stage or multi-stage. The high lift long shaft pump has a unique structure invented by ourselves, the secondary impeller rear structure, the different head combination structure under the same flow rate, and the unique pressure relief structure at the packing body. The standard seal is a packing seal. Draw water from a suction pool or directly from rivers or oceans.

Pump shaft seal for the vast majority of packing seal structure, at the same time can also use integrated mechanical seal structure, water guide bearings according to user requirements, using a variety of configurations, the standard configuration of polytetrafluoroethylene and rubber guide bearings, sea water is generally configured for Sailong guide bearings, high-end configuration for AR bearings and ceramic bearings.  The lubrication of the water guide bearing can be determined according to the water quality, and the good water quality can be directly lubricated by the water of the pump body itself. if there are particles or sand shafts in the water quality, a protective pipe can be set up to connect the clean industrial water lubricated water guide bearing to prolong the service life of the sleeve and bearing.

The long shaft pump has the advantages of wide high efficiency area, small vibration, not easy to produce cavitation phenomenon, stable operation of the pump group, and is not prone to failure.


Features and advantages

The pump room has the advantages of simple construction, small area, compact structure and convenient maintenance.

The high efficiency area of the pump is wide, and the pump head is submerged in water, so it is not easy to produce cavitation after meeting the requirement of minimum submerged depth.

The core-pulling structure is convenient for maintenance, and the part of the rotor can be extracted for maintenance under the condition that the pump shell and pipeline are not moving.






CNP, a green water expert beside you.


Flow : 15~5800 m³ / h

Head : 10~300m

Ambient temperature: -4~65 ° C


Industrial circulating water replenishment

Water lifting,long-distance transferring and high-head water conveyance of deep well, reservoir and river embankment

Maintenance of drainage and seepage water in hydropower station

Oxidation of tin tip water in steel plant

Water circulation in petrochemical 

Municipal and hydraulic projects

CNP integrates the advanced R&D technologies from Europe and America, with the most advanced industrial design concept in Western Europe, with the production experience of modern industrial clusters in North America, with the most efficient and energy-saving product structure research in Hangzhou, China.

With the application of information technology, CNP has built its own smart factory, taking the lead in the introduction of SAP resource management system, becoming one of the key units of the key construction project of  "machine substitution" in Hangzhou, with the whole process of production information monitoring and tracking, applying laser welding technology to the manufacturing process of robot pump spare parts in depth, using progressive die technology to ensure the quality of the whole process of the parts, all of which greatly reduce the production and manufacturing cycle, provide an intelligent production and manufacturing basis for the pump production.

CNP was recognized as state-certified enterprise technology center in 2016. It is the highest evaluation level for technology center in China. Besides, CNP has been carrying some technical courses in 11/12/13th National Five-Year Plan.

CNP uses digital integrated intelligent control technology to create domestic advanced M2M mode, intelligent control technology.

It includes intelligent current stabilization system, intelligent vacuum suppression system, intelligent auxiliary control monitoring system, intelligent non-negative pressure full frequency control system and intelligent water hammer two-way elimination system.